What is Woodcock Maniac?

Woodcock Maniac started out of a funny video clip from a hunt in Northern Minnesota. One of my hunting buddies, Lance, had a Brittany that up until that day hadn’t shown much interest in pointing woodcock. She had proved herself as an absolute master at pinning Ruffed Grouse which is no small feat but she just seemed to not even care about the little russet fellow. Then it happened: she goes on point, and we flush and kill a woodcock over her. Within seconds of that retrieve, Maddie was down again, and we kill another over her. While she is retrieving that bird, you can hear Lance on my GoPro exclaim, “Dude!, my dog’s a woodcock maniac!” Back at camp, after showing everyone the footage, we laughed for days about that proclamation. I had a friend make some stickers for our trucks and presented them to the guys at the following dove season opener. As the next season went on and people would see our stickers and ask about “Woodcock Maniac” I realized there was really nothing as far as dedicated apparel for woodcock hunters. Especially woodcock hunters from the south. So here we are, this funny hunting story is now morphing into a small business. We are going to start by offering hats, and we’ll go from there. This fraternity of timberdoodle chasers may be small, but I’ve met some of my closest friends through the pursuit of the American Woodcock. Thanks for your support, and get outside, follow a good dog through thick cover, and keep making memories.

                                             -Ty McCoy